XYDO - Simple email newsletter creation tool

by Cameron Brain

XYDO was a tool used by small businesses to create email newsletters. The idea behind this service was that if you (as a business/organization) regularly sent your subscribers something they'd actually be interested in opening and clicking on, that (among other things) the open and click rates for your other emails would improve as well. As Neil Bainton, the COO of MailChimp put it: "It's about training your subscribers to open your future emails."

For around $200/mo you could use XYDO to aggregate content, build and send email newsletters, and get analytics on your campaigns. We recommended our clients generally follow these simple rules of thumb:

  • Send a newsletter once every two weeks (if you've got something worth sharing, don't be afraid to share it)
  • Include enough content so that the recipient always finds something of interest (typically 8-12 pieces)
  • +80% of the content shouldn't be yours; include great stuff published by someone else that relates to your business or market

When a business followed these simple best practices they'd typically see a big (4x) increase in click rate right off the bat. Assuming they kept up w/ it, they could also expect to see a nice improvement (10%) in open rate over the first 6mo. As shown in the video below, using XYDO you could create and send an email newsletter that included a nice mix of curated and original content in a couple minutes.